Scarborough based Computer Services

Two decades of experience have given our engineers the knowledge to provide the best quality repair service in the area.

Remote Support

You don’t even had to leave your chair..

Deepdale Remote Support is a new and secure system that allows our technicians to assist you with your computer at your home or office so you don’t have to bring it into our workshop.

Network Support

Ensuring your business is kept online and running smoothly 365 days of the year.

Two Decades of experience

Our engineers have the knowledge to provide the best quality repair service in the area.

Through years of experience repairing computers, our engineers and system developers have the knowledge to fix the most severe of hardware and software issues.

From a Hard Drive Crash, Viruses, Browser Hijack, Slow Performance, Computer locking up, Pop-up Advertisements, Out of memory, Firewall Security, Deepdale will ensure that your computer is repaired back to working order with the upmost of precision.

At an extremeley reasonable rate Deepdale is the wise choice to take your broken computer.

Our Services

Office 365

We ensure that you get the right Office 365 licensing at the most optimised cost for your business. We also provide support to make sure you’re kept up and online all year round.

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VOIP Communications

VOIP telephones use the internet for multiple phone connections instead of paying for lots of actual telephone lines. It therefore works out a lot cheaper.

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Network Maintenance

We design, sell, install and support complete networks solutions for small business to large organisations, education, government and MOD.

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PC Repairs

Many years of experience have given our engineers the knowledge to provide the best quality repair service in the area.

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Virus Removal

Virus infections are often more than a downright nuisance, they can severely affect your businesses operations or worce, privacy.

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Laptop Repairs

We repair laptops of all makes. If you need a new screen panel, keyboard or DC socket, bring it to us for the highest quality repair.

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Internet Services

Deepdale provides internet services with our own renowned technical support.

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Email Support

We can integrate your organisation’s email domain into Office 365, ensuring the continuity and identity of all your emails.

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Broadband Support

Internet connectivity to businesses and individuals who prefer locally managed service. Offering remote and on-site support when you need us.

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Structured Cabling & Wifi

Internal and external cabling of CAT5e/CAT6 for internet or CCTV, Data Cabinets, patch panel installation, and cable management. We also provide managed WiFi systems for business, public, and residential use.

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Data Recovery

If you have accidentally deleted files, formatted your drive or used a manufacturers recovery discs and lost your data, we may be able to recover it.

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Server Hosting

We offer secure server hosting to suit all organisations. Access your data securely, whilst we look after and administer your server for you under a support contract.

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    Excellent, professional service. They repaired my old computer, we bought my current computer from them and we also use their broadband and email service. Definitely recommend them.

    Brilliant service! I had a dodgy graphics card... They cleaned pc for free on the first visit, performed diagnostics agreed on graphics card issue... I bought a new GPU online delivered it to them. They put in the new GPU, updated it and delivered it home... Great service... I will go back there now... Awesome customer service