Broadband Support

Our own technicians provide first line support, both remotely and on-site when you need us.

Keeping your business connected

Deepdale provides internet connectivity to businesses and individuals who prefer locally managed service. Our own technicians provide first-line support, both remotely and on-site when you need us.

We provide enterprise-class fibre broadband and ethernet leased line products, as well as domestic broadband connections. Should a fault arise that requires a call out to your premises, we come to you personally. Should we be unable to sort your problem within your premises, we will arrange for the line engineer to visit as necessary.

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    Excellent, professional service. They repaired my old computer, we bought my current computer from them and we also use their broadband and email service. Definitely recommend them.

    Brilliant service! I had a dodgy graphics card... They cleaned pc for free on the first visit, performed diagnostics agreed on graphics card issue... I bought a new GPU online delivered it to them. They put in the new GPU, updated it and delivered it home... Great service... I will go back there now... Awesome customer service