Virus Removal

Viruses and scams come in all shapes and sizes. The Deepdale team are experienced and can provide quick solutions to ensure you and your business remain safe.

Keeping your business connected

Virus infections used to be just a nuisance but are recently becoming more invasive and criminal in nature. They are often caused by innocently clicking on the wrong webpage or opening an infected email.

You may even receive a cold call from someone purporting to be from Microsoft, telling you that you have a problem or virus on your PC. Please DO NOT allow them onto your computer under any circumstances and DO NOT give them any credit or debit card details. HANG UP AND CALL US FIRST ON 01723 370689 FOR FREE ADVICE.

At Deepdale, we offer a complete and extremely thorough virus removal service to repair your Windows system and bring it back up to speed. We can also provide you with virus and spyware protection software to help prevent future infections.

Our experienced technicians will firstly back up your precious data, then carefully repair your computer or laptop using professional scanning tools plus experience, skill and knowledge to restore your system back to it’s normal state. We take extreme care to ensure the safety of your data during this process by backing it up before we start work and ensuring it is disinfected before returning it to your hard drive.

*Please note that in the case of the most serious virus/malware infections a complete reinstallation of Windows may be necessary but we will, of course, contact you first before we do this.

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    Excellent, professional service. They repaired my old computer, we bought my current computer from them and we also use their broadband and email service. Definitely recommend them.

    Brilliant service! I had a dodgy graphics card... They cleaned pc for free on the first visit, performed diagnostics agreed on graphics card issue... I bought a new GPU online delivered it to them. They put in the new GPU, updated it and delivered it home... Great service... I will go back there now... Awesome customer service